mosaics are made from broken pieces, but they’re still works of art and so are you

I took this picture, trying on a skirt and feeling great, about 5 seconds before my mom saw it and said “you look so fat”. According to my mother this is fat. Every time i attempt to build myself up she can knock me down with just a few words. Well. Sorry im not sorry mom. Im not gonna squeeze into jeans that looks painted on and im not gonna suck in my tummy because it is part of me and I am b-e-a-UTIFUL!

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    UPDATE: i went home and took money from my piggybank. The skirt is in my posession and I’m gonna look fab as hell...
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    Wait what! You look amazing in that skirt! I don’t think you look fat, I think you look gorgeous :D
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  4. lifeinsenses said: and i mean phat in the hip-hop sense as “you look awesome” but It failed because I’m uber white. My intentions were good. Shutting up now